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Why Choose MBI?

Whether we have been engaged by an individual with debts of £15,000 looking to enter into an IVA with his creditors or a large corporation with complex financial problems seeking a turnaround strategy, the same approach and service level is applied. We always ensure that the client’s best interests are vigorously pursued.

Our expertise comes under three main headings: client protection [e.g. IVA, CVA, Administration ], improvement of cash flow, and implementation of recovery strategy. Our aim is to ensure that the right advice is given without delay. If the difficulties are too great and the business must cease, we will tell you and provide you with the appropriate advice [Bankruptcy, Liquidation] to ensure that the actions you take thereafter will avoid personal criticism. Realism and pragmatism remain our watchwords.

At MBI, we have built permanent business relationships with both our clients and business introducers. Our links with the various layers of the finance community are excellent. You can look through the recent client list to see the type of assistance that we have been able to give.

MBI enjoys an excellent reputation with financial institutions, professional advisers, creditors and all parties involved with debt advice, business rescue and restructuring.

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