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Client Cases

Helping people experiencing financial pressures is never easy, but it is fulfilling. We always aim to provide our clients with options and protection.

Family owned manufacturing company.

The company, which owns its own property, manufactures equipment for the knitwear industry in the East Midlands. MBI were called when the bailiff had taken Walking Possession on the plant and machinery in respect of an £8,000 debt and had given the directors 14 days to come up with the money. In the previous 2 years the company had suffered a series of bad debts and its cash resources were exhausted. Our first meeting with the client was the very next day at a motorway service station on the M1 motorway.

The order book was very healthy, with long term contracts with a number of blue chip clients – the directors were very committed, but had used up their own financial resources in covering past losses. A Company Voluntary Arrangement [“CVA”] with the new Protection Order scheme [introduced on 1 January 2003] was the answer. The client was able to keep the bailiff at bay and thereafter put to all the creditors a Proposal [repayment in full over 3 years] that was accepted.


Building Supplies Company

This supplier of materials to the building trade had enjoyed over 40 years of steady growth and had built up an excellent reputation in the North East of England. Unfortunately, large losses in a venture into house-building had endangered the core business. MBI were called in by the company's auditors to review the options. The commitment of the board to ensure that both clients and creditors did not suffer was fantastic – a real case of Geordie Pride. A strategy was devised which ensured that the loss making house-building venture was sold off and the core business preserved.

In addition, MBI conducted a series of meetings with the company's bankers and major creditors to ensure their support and a formal proposal [via the CVA route] was put to and accepted by the creditors. The continued bank support has ensured that the supply business continues to operate as normal with a large return to creditors envisaged.


Office And Holiday Home Cleaning Company

This Essex based company has traded for over 12 months mainly working for 1 large customer who, although very reputable, was not the quickest payer in the world. The company had new customers, but did not have the cash flow resources to fund the contracts. Unfortunately, the company had a relatively small County Court Judgment ["CCJ"] against its name.

This was a classic case of an undercapitalised company, winning orders, but in danger of overtrading. MBI made immediate contact with two independent Factoring companies, one of whom had an offer in principle in place within 48 hours of meeting with the client and funds released within 10 days of making first contact. MBI was happy to effect the introduction and ensure that the company received a speedy response to its need for cash flow assistance.



This gentleman is running a county pub in the Home Counties. After spending over 15 years in the printing industry he and his wife entered into a 20 year lease with one of the major pub operators. Tragically, after successfully, reinvigorating the business, the wife died and perhaps understandably, the trade suffered with bailiffs attending on behalf of the landlord.

MBI were able to negotiate terms with the landlord and a proposal was accepted by the creditors, via an Individual Voluntary Arrangement [“IVA”] whereby the creditors accepted, over a 5 year period, a 60p in the £ full and final settlement of all claims. In addition, MBI were able to introduce the client to a firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in the pub trade who have greatly helped in maximising profitability. The business is now doing extremely well which should ensure an earlier than envisaged exit from the IVA.


Air Hostess

Having worked for over 10 years with one of the world's favourite airlines, our client realised that her appetite for credit cards and the readily available personal loans being offered by numerous financial institutions had to be curbed. After satisfying ourselves that the client was going to take a very responsible attitude to her future personal finances, we were able to persuade her creditors, via an IVA, to agree to a full and final settlement of 33p in the £.



Our client owns a number of bridal wear shops in the North West. Having significantly overstocked at the commencement of trading, cash resources had been exhausted. An unlicensed “debt advisor” had recommended an IVA. MBI were introduced to give a second opinion.

Although the cash flow problems were evident, it soon became clear that the client was “asset rich” owning 2 freehold properties which had significant amounts of equity. MBI have been able to introduce a recognised mortgage lender, at a very competitive rate of interest, which has allowed the client to meet all creditor claims and put into the business additional working capital to assist in the business's growth.

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